• Gallery Post - Random 28mm Characters

    I recently moved/reconfigured my macro mat setup and thought it would be fun to show some of my painted collection. I’m pretty happy with the photo setup - these were all taken on an Iphone X (the backdrop is a MacroMat and I have two photo lights, cheapies from Amazon). These are all figures I painted ages ago, its fun to go back and look at old work.

  • Coming Soon - Thousand Sons Painting Tutorial

    As the SU76 nears completion its time to start on the next project.

  • SU-76 Sliced To Finished - Painting Tutorial Part Two

    Now that the base colors are done and decals are on its time to do some weathering. I use a fairly simple weathering process on Russian tanks that does not take terribly long and achieves some pretty fantastic tabletop results.

  • SU-76 Sliced To Finished - Painting Tutorial Part One

    With my SU-76 primed, its now time to get the base colors on. The primer I went with basically handles the green - from here its just blocking in details and adding highlighting to the green to make it less flat. I like a pretty heavily weathered look to my Soviet vehicles so I work towards that look even before getting to the official “weathering” step. Here is a quick walkthrough of the steps I took:

  • SU-76 Sliced To Finished -Clean Up Through Priming

    Made some really great progress on the SU-76

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