• Revolutionary French - New Project!

    Just a quick update today - some of the local crowd have gone into Black Powder V2 for the Napoleonic period in 28mm. I was not keen on the first edition but after getting a demo last weekend I am happy to say the main issue (infinite movement if you roll well) is gone!

  • 3d Breed French Infantry Review

    To compliment my French armor, I picked up some STL’s from 3DBreed. I wanted to do up a review on the files, the printing experience, and how they painted up. Specifically I purchased this pack - at 30 euro this was not the cheapest set of files I’ve ever obtained but it did come with a good variety.

  • WW2 French Armor Gallery

    Working on WW2 French inspired me to put together a little gallery of the stuff I’ve printed and painted so far. These are all from Mbergman.

  • FT-17 Sliced to Finished (1:100)

    It’s time for another print-to-finished series!

  • Still Alive - It's 2022!

    Hello again! Unfortunately its time for another “wow I haven’t posted in an eternity but yes I’m still alive” post!

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