To compliment my French armor, I picked up some STL’s from 3DBreed. I wanted to do up a review on the files, the printing experience, and how they painted up. Specifically I purchased this pack - at 30 euro this was not the cheapest set of files I’ve ever obtained but it did come with a good variety.

Here is the finished product.

infantry infantry
I use FOW basing even though I no longer play that system (v3 was not for me) - I quite like the appearance for 15mm and works for almost every system that strives for company/btn level engagements. infantry infantry infantry infantry

They certainly look the part painted up I think!

So far I’ve completely finished the riflemen, HQ packs, LMGs, and MMGs. I’ve just printed the 25mm Hotchkiss guns and crew but have yet to pull them from the build plate.

Here is what you get in the pack: infantry

Each “set” comes as a ZIP. Inside are files in both 28 and 15mm with pre-supported and unsupported files (except for the anti-tank guns - those did NOT come with a pre-supported file).


Quite the array of files! Each pose is its own file making it easy to fill up the build plate with exactly what you would like to print. I’ve only printed the 15mm supported versions (more on that shortly) but it is nice that it comes pre-scaled to 28mm with a baseless version if that is your thing.


Here is one of the pre-supported riflemen. The model is quite nice - I am not a fan of how they did the supports on some of these poses - supports are in VERY hard to remove spots on some of these guys and they did not angle the files so I did get a few delamination failures. I was however too lazy to redo them myself (supporting this tiny scale takes a long time) so it was “good enough” for my purposes - accepting some failures and breakage. If you are a 3d printing purist you will definitely want to support yourself (probably angled back - I will get around to making my own supported versions eventually when I have time/can’t sleep/get a time turner).

A small quibble - I did not see any riflemen using the VB grenade launcher. This is a bit of a bummer as this is one of the iconic pieces of equipment for the poilu.

Overall I quite like what I got, this was an expensive pack but came with a huge variety of poses and a good variety of units (HQs, AT guns, radio guys, observers, etc). The antitank guns not being supported may be a dealbreaker for some people (not me - I dont mind supporting stuff myself, just prefer NOT to for time’s sake).

I would recommend this set to anyone looking to represent the French army in World War II!