• Heresy Style Thousand Sons Painting Tutorial

    At last the fates have aligned, the time has come to present my method for doing heresy-era Thousand Sons armor! I’ve loved this scheme since Forge World first showed it off many years ago and knew I wanted my 40k Thousand Sons to use it instead of the more traditional blue. The final outcome looks fantastic on the new Rubric marine kit -

  • Still Here!

    Wow nearly a month since the last post - sorry about that!

  • Warhammer + - My Thoughts

    So I subscribed to Warhammer + the day it became available, and now that I’ve had a chance to watch almost everything on it for the first week (only things I haven’t finished are the masterclass videos) I thought I’d put some thoughts out there. There has been a lot of internet negativity around the app and well, everything GW lately and I don’t think most of it is justified. I’m not calling this a review because I don’t really believe in “I give this a 3.5/5” - with something subjective like this I think its more useful to just share my thoughts rather than distilling it down to an asinine number rating that is really only relevant to me.

  • Tutorial - Lava Bases

    While finishing up my SU-76, I decided to wrap up a unit of cultists I’ve had mostly finished on my desk for some time. I really dislike using cultists in my Chaos Space Marine armies, but having a unit available is nice for list building flexibility. While getting them ready, I noticed something awkward- I had 10 cultists but only 9 lava bases for them to stand on! This was a perfect chance to write up a tutorial for how I do my cracked lava basing. I really like how this turns out, its a lot of waiting around for materials to dry but makes a really cool effect that can be even more enhanced with some half-rounds (I didnt use that here, cultists dont deserve these nice things)

  • SU-76 Sliced To Finished - Painting Tutorial Part Three And Done!

    The final leg! The model is complete, so now its time to paint the crew.

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