• First Game of 10th AAR - Chaos Space Marines VS Craftworlds

    The world of Skeltharis IV burned. The weakling PDF forces, routed. Most of its citizens, butchered. Imperial strongholds, torn down to rubble. The blessed ritual to consecrate the doomed wasteland to the Sacred Four neared completion. The earth heaved as boiling magma nurtured neverborn entites into realspace, the skin of the planet and reality slowly cracking to the chants and sacrifices of the XVII. With the campaign over, Mehmet Ozdemir, Coryphanus of the Shadowflame Host, had returned to the bridge of the Arslan with the terminators of the Apostate Guard to attend to the Dark Apostle. But as the ritual neared completion, doors to the webway burst open, and an Aeldari warhost surged into battle to halt the consecration, sending alarm klaxons blaring through the strategium of the massive battleship….

  • First Game of 10th Today!

    I have my first game of the new edition lined up today! Going to play an Incursion sized game of CSM vs Eldar (my friend normally plays Votaan but wanted to try space elves so he will be using my models)

  • Tau Progress, 10th Edition, and a long overdue photo

    Eventful week!

  • Overdue Update

    How has it been months since my last post? Time flies extremely fast.

  • WIP Knight Castigator and Heresy Narrative at Richmond Open

    I was lucky enough to snag a ticket to the Heresy narrative event at the Richmond Open this year. This is going to be three 2.5k games in a narrative setting.

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