• Eagle of Empire Skirmish Rules AAR

    Almost 8 months after starting the blog, it finally features an AAR!

  • Franco Prussian War French Infantry Painting Guide

    After a flurry of painting, I have completed all of the French infantry that came with my starter set for Eagles of Empire. I had the presence of mind to slow down on my last squad and document my process. What follows is my interpretation of how to paint Imperial French line infantry for the 1870 campaign.

  • Eagles of Empire French Infantry

    Just a quick photo today - I’m so excited for Eagles of Empire I already completed my first squad!

  • Eagles of Empire Franco Prussian War Starter Set Review

    A few weeks ago I had a bit of an accident on the Eagles of Empire website. I’ve followed this company for awhile as I liked the look of the models and find the period really interesting (the Franco-Prussian War was in many ways one of the first modern wars). Particularly, the uniforms are absolutely ace - both sides are gorgeously colorful and very striking on the gaming table. I was a bit put off by it being a skirmish game but slowly came round to the idea through watching Real Time History’s excellent series “Glory and Defeat” - a week by week accounting of the war (seriously go check it out, all the stuff Real Time History and The Great War puts out is fantastic). I never quite realized how many “small” actions there were and how even the larger battles at the war’s start could be broken down into smaller “moments”. A few clicks and weeks later a box showed up at my post office containing the starter set - two bags of French and Prussian line infantry along with the Infantry Drill Book (which can be called the basic rulebook).

  • Divisions Of Steel Read Through - First Impressions

    I’ve made no secret that I am not really a fan of Flames of War V3. In a lot of ways this has more to do with me as a gamer than the ruleset itself - doing some introspection I’ve come to realize I prefer less “tournament” systems and like my wargaming a bit more social (less cutthroat) and historical focused. At the same time, I do enjoy good mechanics and competitive games “lend” themselves to tight systems. That’s why I was very excited to see Simon Hall’s Divisions Of Steel - a WWII ruleset that aims to achieve the “silver bullet” combination of historical accuracy, playability, and Fun at the company/btn level.

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