• Kill Team Project

    Just a quick update, I finally got to try the current edition of Kill Team. I like it for the most part - though I HATE that they went with symbols instead of inches (GW what were you thinking). The game is thematic and not hard to pick up (had time to play three games in one evening and was playing the full experience with tacops/objectives in the third game).

  • “Night Goblins! - AAR!”

    It’s been almost a month since I posted anything - I’ve barely had time to think!

  • Night Goblins!

    Boy once again its been a MINUTE since I posted anything. Life is just too dang busy.

  • Io Saturnalia!

    I only missed two months of blogging so its an upgrade from last time! Yes, life has been crazy busy as usual but theres been a good helping of gaming and hobby to keep me on an even keel.

  • Long Overdue Update

    Somehow, four months have flown by and I’ve neglected this poor little blog. Summer has a way of doing that, the days are long, the kid is filled with crazy energy, and time just seems to slip away like so many grains of sand on the beach.

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