Working on WW2 French inspired me to put together a little gallery of the stuff I’ve printed and painted so far. These are all from Mbergman.

Char B’s

CharB CharB CharB

These beefy fellows were fun to print and paint. I went with a fairly typical paint scheme, the roundels and playing card symbols are from I-94 Enterprises.


Hotchkiss Hotchkiss Hotchkiss

I love these little tanks, I don’t know what it is about them as they had some major problems (one man turret, very under-gunned until the refit to the longer SA cannon) but they just like “speak” to me. They embody France’s approach to warfighting - maximum equipment, minimum manpower and hey - a tank is a tank.



These obscure tanks (made by shipbuilders, hence the weird shape of the armor, they used an arc-welding technique most commonly used on ship armor) which are otherwise terrible have the distinction of being at the German breakthrough at Sedan.

Hope you liked checking out some tanks! I’ll be posting some photos of infantry and a review of the files (which were not free, unlike these lot) in a few days.