Hello again! Unfortunately its time for another “wow I haven’t posted in an eternity but yes I’m still alive” post!

The holidays take up quite a bit of time and energy and I neglected to write anything up.

But 2022 looks like a good year for gaming, Omnicron nonwithstanding! I’ve discovered OPR’s rules (Grimdark Future, Age of Fantasy, etc) and these look like exactly what I needed - I’ll make a post in the near future detailing my struggles with modern Games Workshop games. I plan to do an AAR of my first solo game using their AI system soon (hopefully will have some time to play it this weekend)

Also interested in Napoleonics again but I want to do something Weird, maybe Ottomans or Revolutionary (pre 1800) French. Did a demo of Black Powder 2 over the weekend and generally liked it, its so general and simple that you can add complexity as the player which I am a fan of.

Thats about it, just wanted to check in! On a technical note I’ve improved my workflow by migrating to GitHub actions from CircleCi - CircleCi was not working consistently for me which was infuriating.