• How to Choose a Legion (or not) for the Horus Heresy

    Why oh why must the Horus Heresy be so cool?

  • Tempest of War Deck Flip (Shuffle?) Through And Thoughts

    So, I’ve made no secret that I am generally not a fan of Warhammer 9th edition. I really liked 8th and think the streamlining of the rules was mostly a good thing (though I am nostalgic for blast templates and vehicle facing, but apparently the new Horus Heresy edition has got me covered there). I have no real issue with any of 9th’s core mechanics changes, or the list building (though I did prefer 8th ed style detachments I understand why they moved the way that they did and do like the focus on monofaction instead of ‘goodstuff’ soup lists) - my main complete are the “GT style” missions and secondary objectives everyone in my local meta loves to use so much.

  • Instagram is hobby progress right?

    Its been a bit quiet here, I’ve had a rough few weeks between kiddo and work stuff.

  • Eldritch Omens Aeldari

    I said I’ve been busy painting!

  • Eagle of Empire French Artillery

    Yikes, almost another month gone without a post! Its been a crazy few weeks between work and the toddler entering another phase of “multiple screaming fits per day.”

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