I said I’ve been busy painting!

I finished the Aeldari half of the Eldritch Omens box set just this past week. I’ve been a longtime Eldar fan - they were the first army I wanted to do when I discovered Warhammer via my cousin (I went with Blood Angels though because said cousin already played Eldar and we didn’t want to play the same army). I returned to Eldar early in college when I got back into the hobby (6th edition I think).

I currently own Iyanden and Biel-Tan lists and am going to slowly add Alaitoc to the fold. The cool thing about Cratfworlds is the Aspect Warriors are Craftworld agnostic, so its easy to share a good chunk of units between different Craftworlds. I’ll get a Gallery up here with my other Eldar stuff at some point.

Without further ado, here are the space elves! The new rangers are very nice, you get so many options is much less painful to contemplate building multiple units of clone elves.


The Shroud Runners were probably my favorite part of the new box.

shroud_runners shroud_runners

This one is my favorite of the set - the chick on the back has such a cool pose.


I did a headswap on the Autarch using one of the Ranger heads - really felt like it fit well with the “pathfinder theme” I’m going for here.

Autarch Autarch

These were a blast to paint, I’ve always loved that mottled blue look and can’t wait to paint more. I’m working on the Chaos stuff now (this box was fantastic for me, I play both armies so it was like an early birthday gift!)