After a lot of investigating, reading lore, looking at rules leaks, and watching painting videos I’ve at last picked a Legion for the new edition of the Horus Heresy.

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The Iron Tenth will be my Heresy legion of choice!

My poll amongst my local meta had a few late entries which shifted the balance to “too many traitors” which helped immensely.

I wanted to go with one of the more ruthless inhuman legions - I always liked the Tenth’s close association with the Mechanicum and all that entails. I also think there is something cool about how “broken” they are after the Drop Site Massacre - any chance they had of getting back to some form of humanity dies with the Primarch.

It also doesn’t hurt that they have a heavy focus on armor and I <3 tanks.

I’ll likely be doing some variant of this for painting. I don’t typically paint cool dark schemes so this should be a fun change of pace. I’ve found lots of cool things to 3d print (especially doors for rhinos and land raiders) to really up the customization factor.

I’m excited to do a test marine up this weekend. I picked up a few new products for a basing scheme I’ll be reviewing soon as well, I want them to look like they are striding through the shattered remains of some alien civilization broken during the Great Crusade.

If you want to brush up on your Heresy Iron Hands, I actually enjoyed Damnation of Pythos - I know a lot of folks didn’t like it quite so much but I really enjoyed seeing the Shattered Legion’s interact (dysfunction abounds)