Just a quick update, I finally got to try the current edition of Kill Team. I like it for the most part - though I HATE that they went with symbols instead of inches (GW what were you thinking). The game is thematic and not hard to pick up (had time to play three games in one evening and was playing the full experience with tacops/objectives in the third game).

I have a ton of models so have a bunch of KTs already but I uh have a problem so of course decided to make a new one.


I had a lot of fun painting these guys - was a great change of pace after painting hundreds of Greenskins.

I’m working on a Fellgor kill team on 3d printed bases next as a gift for a friend - then its time to do another Old World project! I’ve bought files to do some Chaos Dwarves - I have a lava basing scheme in mind for them that I think will look ace - plus I love the big hats. Fortunately they are not nearly as model count heavy as ONG so I think it’ll be a “done by the fall” endeavor. I am still working out a list but for sure will be doing halberd Ironsworn with some Infernal Guard with fireglaives (the models look too cool) and K’Dai Fireborn.