With no chances for thunderstorms today I popped my freshly sliced SU-76 (model from here, I highly recommend this creator I’ve printed many good things from this creator) onto the printer after getting the toddler’s morning started.

Eight and a half hours later….


That looks good! No obvious failures, no giant holes, it’s actually adhered to the build plate (stuff not adhering to the build plate is a common and annoying problem).

Let’s get a better look shall we……


That looks great! I’m thrilled with how this came out scaled up from 1:100. I’m going to let it sit on the build plate overnight to allow any residual resin to drip off (this isnt strictly needed but it is rather…drippy still and I have other things I need to get done tonight) - this will get plopped in an IPA bath for a good sonic cleanse tomorrow and hopefully will get the supports removed as well.

I’m eyeballing some crew figures for a later stage in the project, these lads look promising.

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