Boy once again its been a MINUTE since I posted anything. Life is just too dang busy.

I’m slowly working on a long simmering project to clean out my messy basement and reclaim the main area as a gaming space - that’ll be a several day project.

I am however very excited to talk about my current project which I’ve furiously been painting/printing/converting!

I played a good bit of middlehammer square fantasy back in the day. 6th edition was my favorite edition hands down. GW started to lose me with the direction in 7th and I absolutely hated 8th even before the end times nonsense (Horde….)

I approached the Old World with cautious optimisim - I had flirted with WAP (which is like a reformed, cleaned up 8th edition that found Zeus and ended its life of depravity) and that was pretty cool but fundamentally its still 8th edition bones (huge units, etc) which I was not really enamored with. So you can imagine my little pointy ears pricked up when I started reading TOW reviews describing it as a “modern 6th edition”. I watched a few batreps, grabbed a book, read it, and fell in love. This is a modernized 6th edition. It is great.

I played Skaven back in the day. I love that faction and eventually branched out into High Elves. I wanted to do something Different for TOW though - and I no longer have 95% of my old Skaven stuff. I wanted to do one of the “non-legacy” factions (yes I know people are Big mad about that - just hold on - GW was always going to do a limited release and given the success of TOW so far I think its highly likely they will push it further and the Legacy PDFs are not afterthoughts, they are just as well put together as the “main” factions).

So after hunting around I decided to do something I’d always been curious about since I read Guy Haley’s excellent Skarsnik novel - a Night Goblin themed army!


Using MoM miniatures stuff for most of the troops with a few bits and pieces from elsewhere as well. I grabbed some Avatars of War stuff to have Orc options as well in case I want to try a more “normal” ONG list at some point.

But I am working furiously at this because I am going to my first Warhammer GT in like a decade in May! I failed to make it to Richmond Open last year and I am not making that mistake this year! I will be playing in the Squarehammer GT and am very excited to get out, see some cool models, meet some dudes, and throw a bunch of fanatics around and have some laughs (I suffer no delusiouns about winning - I dont win GTs, I go to have a nice painted themed army and be a good sport, the games are just a bonus).