Somehow, four months have flown by and I’ve neglected this poor little blog. Summer has a way of doing that, the days are long, the kid is filled with crazy energy, and time just seems to slip away like so many grains of sand on the beach.

I’ve still been playing with the little toy soldiers and printing. I recently re-discovered my love for painting and have spent the past few evenings painting Horus Heresy stuffs. I gave up on having two legions and am repainting my III stuff to my XIII - I’d rather have one large force than a couple small ones and I’ve been really enjoying painting my 2nd edition scheme (blue, red, and yellow - classic!)


These used to be purple! Volkite preds may not be “meta” but they are certainly COOL.

I’ve also been printing some stuff for Legiones Imperialis. Here I’ve decided to go 100% no space marines and run a pure Solar Aux/Titan force:


8mm is a very fun scale to paint, very fast. My inspiration for this color scheme is the default blue color French tanks use in World of Tanks. I’ve got Dracosans printed as well as a company of Leman Russ tanks but have yet to photograph them.

No luck on infantry - I cannot get them to print and well…printing…more on that later.


Sometimes you try something and end up not liking it as much as you’d expect. I printed and did up these stinky lads as a test to see if maybe I’d enjoy doing a Death Guard army at some point - while I did have some fun the color scheme wasn’t my favorite to execute. I think they look good and will use them with my CSM but not planning to take the project further (the bases were fun though)


Speaking of Chaos, these were two of my better prints from my Jupiter. Absolutely great! Hollowed as well so very cheap. Having Rhinos for my CSM really is a game changer and I usually won’t leave home without them now.

But alas - my printer is out of commission for awhile. I had the dreaded Doom Failure where the fep ripped and a whole vat of resin leaked. I cleaned/replaced that - got a few good prints - then started experiencing screen failures, the whole screen is now dead (well, so much of it that I’m not going to try to print) so until I get a new one - no prints. I am working on switching to a water washable resin (or rather was before the screen death) - budget wont allow for a 200 screen for a bit so RIP. Fortunately I have plenty to paint even without printing new models for a bit.


I got really into the idea of Warhammer Armies Project last year and started collecting a High Elf force - the idea kind of died out in favor of Other Shiny but now several folks from my club are getting into it as well so I’m dusting off the High Elves. I plan to do all-cav - I dont have any Silver Helms at the moment but might use Mantic’s Stormwind Cav for this.

Thats all I have for now - hopefully it wont be months before my next post. I’ll likely type out some thoughts on Wings of Glory (old game I picked up on a whim) and my planned High Elf cav list soon!