I have my first game of the new edition lined up today! Going to play an Incursion sized game of CSM vs Eldar (my friend normally plays Votaan but wanted to try space elves so he will be using my models)

For this first game, we have these lists:

CSM Chaos Lord Mark of Khorne Talisman of Burning Blood Chaos Sorc Mark of Tzeentch 10 Chaos Space Marines Mark of Tzeentch Rhino Mark of Tzeentch 5 Chaos Terminators Mark of Khorne Helbrute Mark of Chaos Undivided Predator Destructor Mark of Nurgle Chaos Cultists Mark of Chaos Undivided

Eldar Farseer 10 Guardian Defenders 10 Dire Avengers Spiritseer 5 Wraithguard Wave Serpent Night Spinner Autaurch Wayleaper

I’m excited to use some new models (I just put the last coat of paint on the Helbrute this morning)

Look for pictures and a write up later!