Eventful week!

Saw two concerts last week - Alestorm and Gloryhammer for me and Paramour for my wife (we bought each other tickets last year and didnt realize they were in the same week)

Alestorm and Gloryhammer are two of my favorite bands - as I type this I am listening to Return to the Kingdom of Fife for about the fifth time since it came out a few days ago (check it out!!! if you like Warhammer and any kind of metal odds are Gloryhammer will be right up your alley)

I haven’t had the most time to hobby, rolling over from one project to another at work. But I did knock out some Kroot for my Tau -

Kroot I did these in a slapchop style, they dont hold up super well to close examination but I had so many to churn through I just wanted them Done.

Krootox These guys were arguably the worst unit in 9th - hopefully they are at least useable in 10th!

I’m working on making some progress on my Riptide, I had to re-print a couple parts that came out not great due to minor failures. Those are brrrting on the Jupiter right now. I also unfortunately have to clean my IPA - super annoying. Its sitting out in the sun now. I saw a trick using Alum as a clarifying agent I may try next time - need to place that Amazon order….

Finally - wanted to share my favorite model in my collection. I am VERY excited for Demons in 10th - the Shadow of Chaos mechanic looks so fun to play around and this guys data sheet….aw yeah.

Master of Nightmares

My Lord of Change, Xargothrax, Master of Nightmares, Drake’s Bane, Burner of Worlds, Mindbreaker. He’s the central character of my Chaos forces and my favorite model.