How has it been months since my last post? Time flies extremely fast.

I had a bunch of Life Stuff going on (starting a new job, family stuff) and unfortunately didnt make it to the Richmond Open heresy event.

Bummer! Maybe next year.

I have kept busy at hobby however. My spouse very generously treated me to a months-early birthday gift during Elegoo’s summer sale and I now own a Jupiter. Its a fantastic machine and I’ve been printing away at a Tau army for the new edition. Heresy has tapered off a bit as I’ve been unable to get out to play much, I have a Mechanicum army printed and painted as well as a started III Legion project that has fallen by the wayside - I’m sure I’ll get back to it eventually.

Which by the way….a new edition of 40k! I’m quite excited for 10th as it seems to resolve a good bit of my gripes with 9th (specifically: overly complicated secondaries that make every game a bookeeping nightmare). The new mission setup looks to preserve some of the nuance (good) while cutting down on the complexity (bad). I’m a bit torn on the “gambit” mechanic for now but will have to just play a few games - I’m expecting my FLGS to host an open day when 10th launches and I already have the necessary clearance to attend with a friend so thats exciting!

Here are some of the Tau I’ve printed - this project will be 100% printed just as an exercise in whats possible (I’ve switched to using ABS like resin as well - its a much nicer finish and has greatly reduced the rate of print failure as the models come out much stronger). Tau were one of those “I’ve always been curious” armies and I very nearly grabbed them as my first ever Warhammer army way back during 4th edition but they narrowly lost out to Marines.

Ghostkeel This ghostkeel was a blast to paint, easily one of my favorite models in the range.

Firesight Another cool kit, curious how the sniper drones will work with the shift to being wargear instead of actual models.

Pathfinders Rail rifles look absolutely beastly and these seem like a must include with their ability to Observe twice.

FireWarriors I currently have twenty of these ready to go. I’m working on 40 Kroot at the moment to round out my Troops options.

Lets see…what else have I been up to - I’m intrigued by The Old World but do not really expect to get into it, I DO however plan to print/paint a squarehammer fantasy army once my Tau are completed but that will be Kingdoms of Ind for Warhammer armies project (I will document that journey here - its going to be a fun project that dovetails nicely with my reading of the Mahabharata).

Currently on deck is a Riptide I’m assembling for printing, unfortunately Lychee keeps crashing on me so its taking ages. After that I’ll probably do a hammerhead then pause my Tau till the book is out.

Look for a review of 10th edition once it launches and my impressions of games at the open day soon!

Also I’ll have a post up in the next few days talking about Warhammer Armies Project and my choice of army and the journey of “how do I even figure out what models to get”.