WOW its been a long time since I updated this!

I’m happy to report that time has been spent with a lot of hobby and a fair few games, mostly of 30k.

Its been a difficult personal time between a four year old in a sleep regression, job chaos, and some personal stuff as well.

I’m hoping to get back into the groove of posting more this year now that some of the chaos is resolved.

I’ve been actively printing and painting a Mechanicum army (I have 1500 points mostly done as of now - the further 500 will come from a Knight Atrapos I need to order).

I also started Emperor’s Children as a Traitor legion - more on them to come for sure.

Here are some random pictures of my Ultramarines:


I’ve named him Heraclius after the famous Byzantine emperor - he earned his name by single-handled saving two games for me by just being a bad-ass. Such a cool Consul upgrade.


Here he is after just obliterating a Thousand Sons praetor in single combat.


Here is my other MVP, this Kratos has yet to actually die in a game and is a tank ace with 8 confirmed kills or so. Flashburn shells <3