Somehow I’ve gone another month without a post!

Frankly, things have been pretty quiet. I’ve done a good bit of hobbying but havent made it out to play and dont have any major updates to share.

I made the last purchase to complete my 2k Ultramarines Horus Heresy army now (a Land Raider, its on the painting bench now). I also finished the Kratos, one of my favorite GW tank kits.


I’m already planning “what’s next” and am thinking about a Mechanicum army.

I rediscovered the Warhammer Armies Project and am working on an all mounted High Elf army to start with (using some of the finds I grabbed/rescued from NOVA).

Some of the finished dudes are below: DragonMage


I haven’t forgotten about historicals and also did up a Warlord ZIS-30 I bought on a whim for my WWII Russians


I’ve got a ton on the painting desk that need photographed (my finished Invictarius Suzerains for one) that I’ll try to get to soon.

Honestly, I’ve been really struggling with anxiety and depression lately and the hobby has been less of an escape than usual - I’m hoping to re-find the mojo soon.