Awhile ago I got my spouse to do a demo of Age of Sigmar 2.0 at my FLGS. She enjoyed it enough that I started working on an army for her “on the side” (naturally she chose Daughters of Khaine, bikini murder elves being very appealing after all). I play Tzeentch Daemons in 40k so already “have” an AoS army, I added a few bits and bobs to give it more fantasy “flavor”.

I finally got enough put together to give a game a go, now that the game is in a new edition (naturally). We had a blast! We played one of the narrative scenarios from the core rulebook, the Ritual. Naturally, this was done on the floor of our living room because kid reasons.

Here is a rough sketch of the lists, I played kind of fast and loose with the allied models rules as she wanted to use some Darkling Coven stuff as well and being an oldhammer guy I just see them as being “with” witch elves. We didnt use subfactions or enhancements this game to keep it simple. Each side was about 1000 pts.

DoK Hag Queen on Cauldron 2 x 10 Witch Aelves w/ paired daggers Melusa Ironscale Sorceress on Black Dragon 10 x Darkshards

Tzeentch Fateskimmer 3 x Screamers 10 x Pink Horrors 10 x Tzeentch Arcanites Tzaangor Shaman 3 x Skyfires

I neglected to take a lot of pictures but did grab a couple.


Basically the scenario was an attacker/defender setup with Order trying to disrupt Chaos’ ritual. I had a Ritual Site to defend with two Arcane Locii to also try and hold. Each one I held gave me Ritual Points (with the ritual site worth alot, d6) while Order’s controlled objectives subtracted from the Ritual Points total.


Bonus picture of my cat who helped put the preschooler back in bed halfway through the game.


I fell for a cunning ploy on her part and sent my fateskimmer and screamers off to eat the isolated Ironscale leaving my center held only by Pink Horrors. She streamrolled my middle with the Witch Aelves and Cauldron while my Skyfires and Shaman worked together to take out the black dragon (losing the Arcanites as a tarpit). I was unable to counterattack quickly enough and was very far behind on Ritual Points by this point (turn 3) so had to go all out on attacking - which didnt work out for me!

All in all a good game. The system is simple enough that a non-wargamer can pick it up and play very quickly. We largely ignored command points and heroic/monster actions - frankly I forgot about them until the very end of the game - so will have to focus more intentionally on them next time.

For me, I learned that AoS Tzeentch is rather different from 40k Tzeentch. In 40k, the “line” daemons do a lot of the work while the heroes are support - its the inverse here it seems. I also need to make (print off) more Chaos Spawn models as there are a lot of “spawn generation” mechanics in AoS - which is delightful!

The DoK are a brutal sledgehammer if they can keep their units together and buffed! I got a Gladiatrix to add to her army this past week - what a nightmare to assemble - but looks to be a cool hero to use in the next game. I want to introduce subfactions next time and would like to try some of the “Slaves to darkness” models I have (like a Mutalith Vortex Beast or a Soul Grinder) as well.