Phew another month without a post! Sorry about that - things have been rather crazy. After an unfortunate shipping delay my heresy order arrived and I’ve carved through a good bit of it. My initial 2k Ultramarines list looks like this:

Praetor with Paragon Blade and Volkite Serpenta Logos Lectora Rite of War Master of Signals Librarian with Force Sword

5 Invictarus Suzerain with axes/shields as a retinue squad (so also with a Legion Standard which critically gives them Line)

3 Tactical Squads with Rhinos - Sgts with Power Swords

8 Missile Launcher heavy support marines Kratos Heavy Assault Tank with Flashburn shells and Heavy Bolters

5 Locutaris Storm Squad

Land Raider Phobos

That’s 4 scoring units, a very powerful melee threat in the Invictarii buffed by the Librarian (who will ride with them) and a solid base of fire from the missiles and Kratos. The Locutaris are a midgame counterpunch unit I’ll likely play cagey with - they have great mobility and are outstanding in challenges thanks to both Chosen Warriors and their unique power swords. I’m not convinced I’m taking maximum advantage of the Rite of War (it only impacts infantry) but will have to play with it to see.

On the painting front, I have two tactical squads and two rhinos done as well the Librarian. The final tactical squad and rhino are both in progress right now. I’ve printed most of the bits off for my Invictarii. I’m saving the big heavy tanks for last.


I’m already flirting with my next legion once these are done, probably traitor World Eaters (though I’ve yet to make a list I’m happy with). I must say reading the 30k rules feels like coming home - I missed so much of this stuff, vehicle facings, blast templates, units falling back, etc.

I’ll put a tutorial up on how I achieved the classic blue color on my Marines in the coming weeks.