So, the box is ordered, the 3d printer is churning of Rhino’s, and I have changed legions.

Yes after painting a test model in the black of the Xth (meh…black is boring to paint) I decided to take a tour through the other loyalist legions to see what looked good. I quite like the rules for the Ultramarines and while I never really had the dislike for them in 40k some folks do they never were my “favorite” - the Horus Heresy novel series made them much more interesting however - check out Know No Fear if you haven’t yet, great stuff.

I decided to go very old school and paint my 30k army in the old 2nd edition style (brighter blues, yellow trim, red bolters) - quite happy with the WIP so far (no bases yet, I’m waiting on a new Greenstuff World roller to arrive)


I am planning to build a list around the Logos Lectora Rite of War - likely going very mechanized (mechanized infantry look to synergize quite well with the Legion tactic).

I’ll get a tutorial up on how I went for the 2nd edition vibe later - I’ll be painting up a rhino to test the scheme on a vehicle next.